Rock Around the Park- Rockabilly Day at Disneyland


Rock Around the Park- Rockabilly Day at Disneyland

Hey y’all! I really hope you can join us for the 5th year of Rock Around the Park. It’s always a blast to meet fellow rockabilly fans and vintage enthusiasts. Come out and have a ball! Every year it keeps gettin’ bigger and better! 😀


>A year ago today, I was in New York…

>It had such a huge impact on my life. I’ve never been to a place where everyone is so nice and all kinds are accepted… I’ve never been to a place and automatically felt like I belonged… I was so comfortable. I never got lost, not even once. I walked the city as if I owned it…  It was so easy to love, because I felt the love it had for me. When I left New York, my heart hurt. Like when you break-up with a boyfriend… My heart still hurts, and the only cure is to go back… I miss New York so much. I say that I will marry New York and spend the rest of my life with him. I vow to move there in my 30’s.

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